๐Ÿ’ณTransactions and Payments

Cashback programs and incentives have always been a consumer-facing affair.

It is unusual to have merchants being rewarded and gaining yield through transactions made by their clients. Through accepting Fluid assets as payments, merchants are able to earn yield and rewards, as the reward obtained from Fluid Assets is split between sender and receiver.

Every purchase made using Fluid Assets Potentially benefits the store as well as the consumer. There is then a positive feedback loop as both customers and merchants are incentivised to participate and use the system.

Customer side example:

A customer (Jeremy) performs his usual grocery shopping in a supermarket that accepts cryptocurrency. His bills come up to 100$ and he chooses to pay by using ฦ’USDC (a Fluid wrapped version of the USDC token). As soon as the payment goes through, they receive a notification with an โ€˜Airdropโ€™ of 10,000$. Not only have they paid their bills, but they have now earned 100x the amount paid!

Merchant Side example:

A small convenience store is trendy and allows its customers to pay through cryptocurrency. They promote fluid assets by providing a discount per purchase! Jeremy comes in and performs his usual shopping. After Jeremy pays, the cashier sees that an โ€˜Airdropโ€™ has taken place! Not only has the money been deposited by Jeremy, but the store wallet has received an additional 100$!

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