๐Ÿช™Understanding $FLY Tokenomics

The total supply of Fluid Governance tokens is 1,000,000,000 FLY tokens, which will be fully circulating no earlier than 4 years post Token Generation Event (TGE.)

You can learn about how we distributed the tokens on our Economics Whitepaper.

The objective of the governance token distribution is to maximise diversification amongst genuine users while incentivising positive value creation within the ecosystem. The development of the protocol must be funded and incentives need to be provided to stimulate long-term growth. Much of the funding required to build and grow the protocol, is received and given to a centralised and small number of entities. If these entities have the majority of the circulating supply of governance tokens, they may be able to vote on governance decisions that are favourable to their outcomes over the best interests of the wider ecosystem. Fluidity will minimise and control for this bad behaviour by distributing the majority of the float within the community using its novel Transfer Reward Function distribution.

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