๐ŸŽฎMetaverse and Gaming

Even though initally it may seem Fluidity is a financial system, Metaverse-based applications can benefit significantly from Fluid assets. Each metaverse needs to have its own method or a shared method of value transfer. These separate metaverses are their own universes, a parallel to the real world, they follow the exact same mechanics however as they have the same agents. You can replicate the same models, however, by turning the base model into a fluid token.

People buy items, trade them, purchase subscriptions, sign up and participate in events, etc. Each of these transactions could have its use cases enhanced through Fluidity.

The idea is that this goes further than just payments.

Purchase of land or items:

You are now in a sandbox environment with how an entire economy would look through Fluid assets, and you donโ€™t need government intervention. If users want to utilise, we will see that instead of speculation happening through land hoarding, we will see the value exchange because of the way that we can earn yield. As a result, instead of the way of what we are currently seeing bots and agents hoarding assets, we will see them transacting. This is because the CURRENT incentive is to Stake and Speculate.

Fluidity introduces a new incentive structure that promotes liquid utility and the transfer of assets.


The novel part of experimenting with games is that you can potentially build the first economies that are utilising Fluids Assets as a basis of value transfer. Economies of scale will pop up that may be utilising this as a value transfer. "Money works for me", as people say, will become a reality and at a point, people will expect their economics to work this way.

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