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Fluid Assets and Utility

Fluid assets are quite composable in nature and as a result, are able to promote both user and platform engagement through their reward distribution mechanisms as well as allow for developers to customise and compose how and when these rewards are distributed.
Fluidity increases the utility of assets in the broader ecosystem.
By the creation of Fluid Assets, users are now incentivised to utilise their principal rather than holding it idle. By adding modifications to Fluidity’s TRF, Fluidity can incentivise participation in value-add use-cases.
When a user uses Fluidity, roughly 70-80% of transactions will be yield-bearing, between several cents to potentially millions. The yield is also distributed to both the sending and receiving parties. Over time, especially if an entity such as a merchant is receiving high inbound volume, they will gain significant yield passively as a consequence of accepting Fluid Assets.
It cannot be stressed enough that the examples provided are not the only possible applications and integrations for Fluidity and fluid assets. These are only possible examples that allow for a greater overview of where the use of Fluidity might be appropriate. In the future, any use case of value transfer on the chain can be incentivised and rewarded through Fluidity and Fluid assets.

All forms of value transfer can now be incentivised.

Incentives are of extreme importance when designing systems with humans for continual integral usage.
Use cases include marketplaces, decentralised exchanges, and any use-case where tokens are being transacted on-chain. Utility Mining creates an incentive for users to participate in these very use-cases and aligns the communities with genuine participation within the protocol.
As seen in the previous following, incentives are of extreme importance in our system design. Customers and merchants are both able to be incentivised to transact through the use of Fluid assets.

Fluidity is realigning incentives by rewarding utility and usage.

We have created a general all-purpose incentive mechanism that basically anyone can utilize in any on-chain use case that can incentivise actions. It is a system that is able to be embedded into different things very easily.