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🌊💸 Welcome to Fluidity Money

Money designed to be moved
Fluidity is a yield generating protocol that rewards people for using their cryptocurrencies.
Fluidity Money tokens (Fluid Assets) are a 1-to-1 wrapped asset that expose holders to randomly paid rewards when they use their cryptocurrencies. Rewards are paid out according to a drawing mechanism held each on-chain transaction of Fluid Assets. These rewards are generated by the cumulative yield generated by the underlying asset, which is deposited and lent on money markets.
With Fluid Assets, yield is gained through utility. The more you utilise your assets, the more yield can be potentially received over time.
Existing decentralised finance incentivises leaving interest-bearing products ”idle” – sitting in an account accruing interest. Through wrapping a variety of assets with Fluid functionalities, we effectively grant utility to what would otherwise be stagnant tokens. This has the added benefit of composability and a change in how we interact with blockchain payments as a whole.

For Senders

With Fluidity, you are rewarded for doing what you already do. Using your favourite DEX, paying back a friend, purchasing an NFT, all forms of on-chain value transfer using Fluid Assets can be yield-bearing, at no extra cost.
For Receivers
Senders and Receivers receive the reward amount if a transaction that qualifies wins. You could earn a life-changing amount of money just for receiving a payment. This creates an incentive for a counterparty to accept a Fluid Asset.

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Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

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The future of finance excites us. In the world of tomorrow, the way we think about money will be drastically different. The majority of our purchases will be done with digital currencies, and with the utilization of Smart Contracts we can expect a major shift in our economical model.
Fluidity Money is licensed mostly as GPL ( The TRF is licensed with creative commons (license found here)
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